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  Dr Gloria Gilbčre ND, DA Hom, Ph D

Dr Gilbčre is a traditional naturopath, homeopath and doctor of natural health. As Director of Global Integrated Health and EcoErgonomics Environmental Health, she consults with clients, researchers and physicians around the world regarding various modalities of natural and integrative health. Dr Gilbčre teaches, lectures and consults worldwide as well as writing articles for numerous publications.

Dr Gilbčre has written more than 400 articles and several books.

Dr Gilbčre recovered from Leaky Gut Syndrome and related multiple allergic responses herself and knows how debilitating the condition can be. Click here for Dr Gilbčre's bio, including information about her published books. Click here for information about her educational seminar cruises.

To contact Dr Gilbčre directly for a consultation please email info@drgloriagilbere.com and for further information you can find her website at www.drgloriagilbere.com.

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  Q & As - Ask Dr Gilbčre

"I have been incapacitated for a long time with no answers from my doctor or anybody else - When i describe how I feel I can see the glaze coming over the eyes of my doctor - and I changed from a male to a female hoping I would get some answers.

The one thing I have been diagnosed with is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (and a nickel allergy).The consultant I saw told me I had MCS and then said there was nothing they could do for me. After coming online recently i found Allergy UK which had some factsheets on the subject .

After another particularly awful night (no sleep) with the symptoms of goodness knows what I looked on the information again that allergy UK had sent me and saw about leaky gut and from there I found this website and joined!

I know we should not self diagnose but when the professionals don't know what to do you have to do something for yourself . I have been on so many exclusion diets I am at a loss .There's something wrong with me and I find it amazing in this day and age that that a doctor has no clue I seem to have multiple intolerances to different foods and can use only Simple soap and shampoo.

My one question this time round is have any of you had tests for leaky gut and would you recommend the test (and which one)? Is your own GP able to carry these out ?"


"Thank you for your question. The best test to indicate the presence of leaky gut (intestinal permeability) is performed by a lab called "Great Smokies" and is based in North Carolina.The test must be ordered by a health professional.

However, unfortunately speaking from first-hand experience, you probably don't need a test to prove it especially if you have multiple allergies as you described. The best solution is to start by reducing the overall toxic load of the body through changing your immediate environment to that of as much as possible non-toxic substances. Then you must proceed to clean out the large intestine with professional colon cleanse products, colonic irrigation (if possible) and then supplementing your diet with a functional food (formerly known as medical food) that contains ingredients like L-glutamine to assist in repairing the gut lining.

The best information would be found in the first two books written by Dr. Gilbčre called, "I was Poisoned by my body" and "Invisible Illnesses". They are available online at major booksellers or directly from her office by email at drgilberesoffice@hotmail.com. Several articles will also be posted on this site within the next month to assist those with these symptoms. Being a recovered victim of these life-altering disorders, know that there is help...Dr. Gilbere"

"I was hoping you if you would answer one question; In your opinion could "leaky gut" result to infertility? I have had chronic fatigue for almost 7 years and I have been trying to fall pregnant for 4 years without any success. Recently my doctor diagnosed me with "leaky gut" but was very doubtful it was causing infertility. I am iron deficient but my period has always been regular."

"I can only speak from personal observation and experience, not from the conventional medical viewpoint.

It is my belief that infertility can be caused by leaky gut when we consider that the entire immune functions are compromised with toxic matter being expelled throughout the body. In addition, most leaky gut victims have a challenge with excessive yeast (Candida albicans), which can play havoc with the reproductive organs and causes not only intestinal inflammation but also poisons us with the by-products of the yeast.

I personally had 6 miscarriages in my 20's and both my grown sons were adopted as newborns. My problem was the opposite - I conceived easily but couldn't carry to term (most only to the 4-7th month). In retrospect, and after becoming a doctor specializing in digestive disorders, I realize I had chronic yeast infections that were always treated with antibiotics - further causing more yeast and creating a vicious cycle. Most young woman I've consulted with that have problems with conceiving would benefit from the following:

1. Make sure you eliminate daily one to three times.
2. Perform a good professional-grade fiber colon cleanse to "brush" colonic plaque away from the walls, allowing you to then be able to heal the leaky gut. Be sure you do not get constipated or having difficulty eliminating, if so, use an herbal stool softener without herbs known to be habit forming such as Cascara Sagrada or Senna (these herbs are very aggressive and should only be used, in my opinion, for cases of acute constipation).
3. After you've reduced your intestinal toxic load with a fiber cleanse daily for about 90 days, then you can do an herbal candida yeast cleanse, follow the protocol which is usually 2 weeks of 2 capsules twice a day, rest one week and repeat until you've done 6 weeks of candida yeast cleanse.

Meanwhile, continue to take a good fiber colon cleanse so that you don't kill organisms and have them stay within the intestines. Drink plenty of water, at least half your body weight in ounces daily (example: a person weighing 150 lbs. would need 75 oz. of water)
4. Be sure you get a good Vitamin "B" complex that contains 100 mg. of each of the B's including 400 mcg. of folic acid.
5. Be sure you take at least 2,000 mg. of buffered Vitamin "C" and adjust according to your weight and bowel tolerance.
6. Now you can start a protocol for helping the body to repair the intestinal lining by taking supplements called Functional Food that contains a vegetable-based protein as well as amino acids known to repair intestinal mucosa.

I pray the stork will be visiting you soon....parenting is the hardest job on earth yet the most rewarding...and then we are rewarded for our parenting with the "frosting on the cake"... grandchildren (I presently am blessed with two)..... Dr. G

P.S. It would be helpful for you to read my book "Invisible Illnesses" and also to consider colon hydrotherapy by a professional."

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