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  Treatments For Leaky Gut

The main way to deal with Leaky Gut Syndrome is through nutrition. It is important to get the body back to optimum health and avoid the foods or toxins that are causing allergic reactions, so that the damaged villi in the intestine have a chance to heal and so that your liver has the time and energy to detoxify your body. There is no wonder drug to cure a leaky gut. Dealing with Leaky Gut Syndrome is about dealing with the causes of the condition as opposed to symptom care.

Below you will find advice for nutrition and supplements that have worked for other people, suggested in various works by nutritional or alternative health care experts, such as Dr Gloria Gilbere, N.D, DA Hom, PhD, Dr Gillian McKeith, Jack Hinze NMD and Liz Lipski, MS, CNN. Please consult your doctor before embarking upon any new dietary regime and please contact a qualified nutritional therapist to tailor your dietary needs. The information provided here is not intended to be an alternative to professional advice given directly by a qualified medical practitioner, as each individual has different requirements.

What You Should Avoid

  • Avoid foods that cause the allergies for 4-6 months (under supervision of a qualified practitioner.)

  • Avoid sugar, alcohol, vinegar, too much fruit, bread and anything else that allows Candida Albicans to proliferate.

  • Cut out packaged, processed and convenience foods which are jam packed full of additives, flavour enhancers, high levels of sugar and salt, hydrogenated fats and other harmful ingredients.

  • Avoid dairy products which feed the yeast.

  • Avoid fermented products which feed the yeast.

  • Avoid caffeine it is at best a temporary stimulant and it can result in early fatigue, hypoglycaemia, excess insulin production, artery deterioration, potentially birth defects. [1]

  • Avoid fizzy drinks which alter the pH balance in the stomach and contain additives and artificial sweeteners linked to various health problems including hyperactivity and depression.

  • Avoid dried or canned fruits, which are said to worsen candida infection.
  • Avoid products containing gluten.

  • Pay careful attention to the beauty and personal care products you use as most mainstream brands imbue their products with a bewildering array of synthetic chemicals, some of which may be harmful to your health. For more information on this see the book Toxic Beauty, by author and journalist Dawn Mellowship.

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[1] Gerson C, Morton W, 2003, The Gerson Therapy, The Amazing Juicing Programme for Cancer and Other Illnesses, p 237, Thorsons.

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